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Almost there: gentle rain 3 is at the printer

From the first issue of gentle rain onwards, we’ve been driven by a questions: How does a modern urban society work? In our opinion, a city is often defined by the way it resolves conflicts between different modes of use, between culture and commerce or between old and new inhabitants

That’s why we asked author Kevin Goonewardena to visit the people who run Moloch. The techno club stands for a promise of freedom, for the night of nights. But can you really let yourself go right in the heart of the city? Since photography isn’t allowed at Moloch, we asked illustrator Christoph Kleinstück to take us on an imaginary tour based on tales from the clubs history.

For the cover story, Author Tanja Mokosch got out her garden claw and raked around in the past. Billerhude island’s allotment garden colony harbours the last of the post-war generation living in an Eden on the water. A life their descendants dream of – till they actually have to do the work. Photographer Robin Hinsch portrayed the place and it’s inhabitants in the accompanying series.

Work-life balance is one of the more personal conflict areas in our daily round. As in every issue, we visit people who do it differently. Like nomadic world-builder Petra Sommer, or the brother-and-sister combo Till and Merle Richter, who aim to make a living from their craftsmanship – but also offer people the chance to copy their furniture, free of charge.

Pre-order your copy now to read all the stories. And please let us know what you think of the magazine when it has arrived on your doorstep.

Thank you and all the best

The Editors