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Time to make it rain again

Hamburg dresses up for the G20 summit – in costumes or uniforms, clay-covered suits or an unwavering Hanseatic air. Some protesters have their boat with them, others just their attitude and some might carry a fist in their pocket. When the state of emergency is finally over and hopefully no one got hurt, about 100,000 people will have gotten to know Hamburg in person and maybe millions through their correspondents and screens.

Reason enough to direct the attention to a couple of things in this city that don’t change as quickly, to people and places that shape Hamburg every day of the year. The second issue of gentle rain remains true to the core concept: it leads to destinations off the beaten track and to inhabitants with out-of-the-ordinary ideas and concepts of living. The magazine will be available from railway station kiosks and retailers from 17 July onwards, as well as from this website.

The editorial team drank tequila shots with the best barkeeper in the city (Betty Kupsa, Chug Club) and partied with space sergeants in cellars on the fish market (Golem). Journalist Arne Schulz went to the Wild East of Hamburg to track down simple truths and ended up brooding over complicated building plans. For the cover story, Jonathan Engel – a recent tenant of the Beatles’ old apartment on the Reeperbahn – wrote up what remains of the legend. Photographer Frederike Wetzels visually conjured the spirit of those times in their attic flat.

After issue 01, we received feedback by readers in Hamburg, in London, New York, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur or Martinique – and of course we’re looking forward to hearing from you again. Tell us what you like or don’t like, what you missed or would like us to report on.

You can preorder the new issue here.

Time to make it rain again.

All the best

The Editors